Ritual Components

Ritual components are the fuel for Ritual casting and spellcrafting. A Ritual Scroll will designate the specific type of Ritual components needed. Substitution is not allowed. Failure to use the exact Ritual components listed on the scroll will cause the Ritual to fail; using expired ones can even cause a Ritual to backlash!

Components are easily recognizable by the civilized races as well as savage races and monsters alike. Any person who picks up a Ritual component can immediately see a clear and distinguishable pulsing soft glow and hear a mild hum.

Out-of-game, this power is represented by a popsicle stick attached to the component along with documentation needed by the Ritual marshal. The popsicle stick will also identify the type of component it is. Anyone who finds one can identify what it is and that it is a Ritual component (although not which Rituals in which it may be used).

After a Ritual has been completed, the Ritual marshal officiating over the Ritual will collect any components used and return them to Logistics to be compared against the list of components that have been distributed by the campaign so their authenticity will then be verified. Any player who uses components of dubious origin may be disciplined.

There are two types of Ritual components: reagents and catalysts.

Reagents do not hold their magic forever, and will expire after approximately five years. Any Ritual using an expired reagent will fail. The expiration date is clearly marked on the popsicle stick.

Some Rituals may require a catalyst (or allow one for some extra power of the Ritual), which is a very rare component distributed with very close supervision by the Plot Committee. While reagents are transferable between all Alliance chapters within the specific campaign, catalysts may only be used in the chapter in which they are distributed. Catalysts do not expire and are indestructible by normal means, much like items enchanted with lasting effects.

Catalysts typically have unique names such as “Essence of a Falling Star” or “Shard of a Hero’s Tomb.” Each Ritual that supports a catalyst has a specific catalyst assigned to it, designated on the specific Ritual Scroll.