Players can regain certain expended skills and spells by Meditating them back. This includes any spell that missed or failed due to an incorrect incantation, as well as any Meditatable Martial Skill or Stealth skill that misses. To do so, the player must spend 10 uninterrupted minutes of appropriate Focus. If Meditate is being used to replace expended spells, the character must roleplay studying from a spell book which contains the spell to be rememorized. If Meditate is being used to replace expended weapon skills, the character must hold, wield, or otherwise focus on a weapon they are proficient with. During this time, no game skills may be used other than Educated. The player should feel free to roleplay discussion, teaching or usage of appropriate subjects (magic or physical combat) with other players during this period of Focus. Once the meditation period has passed, the player may write the spell or skill back in on their Battle Board with an “M” instead of a circle, to denote that it was Meditated back into memory. After this point they may utilize it normally as though it had not been expended in the first place.

Each use of Meditate will return a single expended and missed spell or attack. Multiple Meditated skills or spells may be returned over time with multiple uses of Meditate.

For spells, a player may only regain the use of a memorized spell that did not resolve in any way - that is, it completely missed all targets or the incantation failed. This ability does not work on spells that resolved in any way, including a call of “No Effect” or “Altered Effect” or being expended on any other active or passive defense. This ability may not be used to regain charges of spent magic items, potions, or scrolls. Any augmentations gained via High Magic are lost when the spell is Meditated.

For weapon skills, a player may only regain the use of a Meditatable per-day weapon attack that did not resolve in any way. This includes blockable attacks (for example, not using the Strike keyword) that were blocked by another player’s weapon or shield and did not trigger any defenses. It also includes weapon swings that completely missed and weapon swings required to be From Behind which did not hit a target From Behind. If an attack struck an opponent and was taken or resulted in a defense being called or expended, it may not be Meditated.

Characters may purchase the Enhanced Meditate skill to reduce the necessary Focus time.

Successful Resurrection (or Ritual-based alternatives such as Regeneration) automatically Meditates any applicable abilities for a character.