High Magic

Characters who have studied the scholarly arts can unlock the pinnacle of arcane power, High Magic. High Magic points are used for many purposes, ranging from crafting arcane items of power through Formal Magic to blocking some of the most powerful attacks via Cloaks. These characters can use High Magic to Augment many Battle Magic spells in various ways, as well as toughening their own body and armor.

High Magic points can be spent on a variety of High Magic abilities at any point. Some High Magic abilities may have additional criteria that a character must meet to be able to purchase them, and chapters may have additional “local chapter only” High Magic that is not available anywhere else.

High Magic purchases always have a specific Aspect—Earth or Celestial—which corresponds to the primary school of the character who purchases them. Characters may choose to purchase High Magic in their secondary school at the appropriate cost. These points may never be combined—for example, you cannot use one Earth High Magic point and one Celestial High Magic point to purchase a Cloak costing 2 High Magic points. Once a High Magic ability has been purchased, it counts as the Aspect from which the High Magic points were allocated.

To spend High Magic, a character may allocate points at Logistics however they choose. Alternatively, a character may spend points later in the day by successfully Meditating, after which they may purchase a single High Magic ability as many times as they like providing they have sufficient unspent High Magic points to do so. If they are choosing the Spellcraft High Magic, they must then have the Spellcrafting tag signed off by a Crafting Marshal, and must deposit any expended resources (such as Reagents) at a Crafting Station. Unless otherwise specified in the High Magic description, any other High Magic can be filled out by the player themselves at the end of their Meditation session.

Unless explicitly specified under a High Magic ability, High Magic may never be Meditated back once triggered. For example, the Spell Augmentation High Magic cannot be Meditated back if the spell it is triggered on misses.

High Magic effects generally last until the next Logistics period or until used.

Unless otherwise specified, High Magic effects target a character’s Body and will always be on the body part containing the spirit if parts of the body are separated. This means that active High Magic will be lost when a character resurrects; individual High Magic abilities may grant exceptions to this.