Spell Books

Alliance spells are recorded in spell books, tomes of magic that enable a spellcaster to memorize their spells and prepare for battle. When preparing your spell slots at the start of a Logistics period, you must bring a spell book with the applicable spells to demonstrate that your character has access to the spells they are trying to memorize. In-game, this represents your character focusing on filling their head with magical knowledge to prepare for the day ahead.

If you do not have a spell book with you when you study for your new spells at the start of the game day, then you will have to borrow someone else’s or find another in-game source (such as an applicable Guild) for the use of theirs. Be prepared to pay game money for the use of the book.

Any number of people can memorize from the same book at Logistics, but if a spellcaster wants to Meditate back a missed or flubbed spell they will want their own book with them. Some guilds allow their members free use of the guild’s book for studying, but guild membership and guild policy are handled in-game.

Out-of-game, a spell book consists of a tag from Logistics that lists every spell of a specific aspect. Any spells not inscribed into that spell book will be crossed off from the tag. This card must be kept with a real spell book physical representation.

Spell books must be bound; a sheet of paper is not sufficient. You must provide your own spell book phys rep. Multiple tags can be included in the same spell book physrep (such as both an Earth and a Celestial spell book, or an Alchemy recipe book as well).

Someone who steals a spell book may keep the tag but bring the book to Logistics for return to the player (unless otherwise stated by the player on the same page as the tag). The out-of-game book is personal property. You cannot make your spell book unstealable by writing it in a different language or in code; the tag can be taken and placed in a new book easily enough.

Spells may be copied from one book to another (and thus added to the new book’s tag). The inks used in the writing of a spell book will cost approximately two coppers per level of the spell that you are copying. This may vary based on your local campaign’s economy. You cannot get your spell(s) authorized until you pay the requisite game money. You must have the original from which you are going to make the copy as well as the book into which you want the spell copied.

The magical ink is not school specific. For example, ink bought in the Celestial Mages’ Guild can be used to scribe healing spells.

You cannot cast spells directly from your spell book, nor may you copy scrolls into your spell book. Spell books and scrolls are two independent ways to record spells. A spell book allows someone to memorize a spell for casting at a time of the reader’s choosing. A scroll allows the reader to immediately cast the spell written on it if they choose to do so.