Experience Points

Your character will receive Experience Points at Alliance events which they can subsequently use to buy skills. Each skill you buy costs a certain number of Experience Points.

A character’s level is determined by how many Experience Points they have attained. It takes 10 Experience Points to gain a level. All characters start in the middle of 2nd level with 25 Experience Points that are used for initial skill purchase. (Farmers and other NPCs will often be 1st level.) Once you reach 30 Experience Points, you have achieved 3rd level, and so on.

Note that “levels” are an out-of-game description used for scaling encounters and figuring out the rate at which a character gains Experience Points. In-game, your character should never refer to his or her “level”. You might instead talk about how many seasons your character has been adventuring or how skillful they are in using weapons or spells.

You do not have to spend all of your Experience Points at any one time, and you do not lose your Experience Points if you do not spend them. After all, some skills require “saving up” Experience Points to be able to purchase them. You can only spend whole Experience Points; you do not “round up” partial Experience Points when calculating what you can spend.

A character will gain Experience Points for every Logistics period they attend (these are sometimes referred to as “experience blankets”). This chart will show you how many Experience Points you will attain for each Logistics period you attend. As your character attains higher levels, it takes longer to gain Experience Points.

1 - 26
3 - 45
5 - 64
7 - 83
9 - 102
11 - 151
16 - 200.9
21 - 250.8
26 - 300.7
31 - 350.6
36 - 400.5
41 - 450.4
46 - 500.3

For Example: A new character has 25 Experience Points and attends a 3-day Long Weekend game. After the event, the chapter staff applies 3 experience blankets to the character, one for each Logistics Period of the event. Since the character is 2nd level, the first blanket gains them 6 Experience Points putting them at 31 total. Now that they are at 3rd level (over 30 XP), they gain 5 for the second blanket, and another 5 for the third blanket, leaving them with 41 Experience Points total—4th level!

These experience blankets are always applied one by one no matter how many are gained at one time, with subsequent blankets adjusting the Experience Point rate if the previous one put the character into a new level range. Note that a character may have fractional Experience Points at certain points in their career depending on their level; as noted above only whole Experience Points may be spent on skills. The fractional Experience Points simply track how far your character has to the next Experience Point.

All classes start off at 25 XP with 10 Body Points. Your total Experience Points determine your Body Points at a ratio based on your class; see the Classes section for details.