Create Trap


This skill allows the character to make traps and Trap Globes as per the “Traps and Locks” section as well as identify Trap Globes at a base time of 60 seconds.

It also allows the character to attempt to arm a trap, disarm a trap, or pick a lock. It does not guarantee success. With 1 rank of Create Trap they may try to arm Noisemaker, Gas, Scroll, and Weapon Traps; with 2 ranks they may attempt to arm Explosive Traps; and with 3 ranks they may attempt to arm Mechanical Traps.

You must have this skill to even attempt to set a trap, disarm a trap, or pick a lock. You may not even cut an obvious trip wire without this skill.

A person without this skill can detect whether a trap is present but will have no idea how to disarm that trap.
For example: Rendal, a big strong fighter, does not have the Create Trap skill. He sees a trip wire crossing the path which is attached to a mouse trap, and recognizes it as a trap. Out-of-game, it is plainly obvious how to disarm this trap but in-game, Rendal is stumped.

A character with 3 ranks of Create Trap may throw Trap Globes.

Making a trap or globe costs Production Points and in-game money and falls under the rules set forth in the section on the “Production Skills” section.

You receive 5 Production Points for every time you purchase this skill.

Advanced Use: A character with 10 or more levels of Create Trap is considered a Journeyman, and only spends 4 copper for every 5 production points of Create Trap. A character with 20 or more levels of Create Trap is considered a Master and gains the ability to set a trap in 30 seconds as opposed to the usual 60 seconds.


Slow Globe10Globe
Shatter Globe20Globe
Gas Trap25Area Trap
Scroll Trap25Area Trap
Silence Globe30Globe
Weapon Trap2 damage per Production PointTrap
Mechanical Trap1 damage per Production PointTrap
Explosive Trap1 damage per 2 Production Points Area Trap