Calling Damage

Whenever you swing a weapon, you must call out the amount of damage you will do with that weapon, followed by the attributes your attack may have.

These calls are out-of-game. Even if under the effects of a Silence spell, you must still call out any damage you deliver so your opponent knows what damage to take. In-game, the damage calls represent the sound the weapons make in battle. This allows you to hear damage being called and respond in-game: “It sounds like a battle is going on behind that building!” You can even tell whether a weapon is magical or silver by the sound it makes during the battle.

Although most monsters can be hurt by normal weapons, there are some creatures that can only be hurt by spells or special weapons (such as silver or Magic). Thus it is very important that you announce your damage clearly and in a strong voice.

If you have no special attributes on your attack, then you must call “Normal.” If you have a silvered weapon, then you must call “Silver.” If you have a magic sword with the appropriate rituals, you might be able to swing for other exotic damage types like “Magic” or “Chaos”.

If your weapon has more than one effect, you must only call one. For instance, if you are using a silvered magic sword with an Enhanced Blade spell active, you may choose to call the Enhanced Blade element, “Magic” or “Silver” depending on the type of monster you may be fighting, but you cannot call a combination of the three.

If you have the skill Florentine or Two Weapons, you must call out the damage of each weapon individually when using both to fight. You cannot swing both weapons at the same time with a single damage call.

You may at any time choose to “pull your blow” and call less damage than you are actually capable of. This includes all skills that cause damage, including Slay, Assassinate, etc.

Effects that only add damage (such as Vorpal Coatings) can be used with a Blade spell. However, if you have any other type of Weapon Coating poison (such as a Weakness poison) and you choose to use a Blade spell instead, then the poison is lost and you cannot use the poison as part of the weapon swing verbal. Remember, you can only call one type of damage per swing.

For example, Terin has a long sword which does 2 points of damage, so he calls out “2 Normal!” with every hit. When he adds a Vorpal Coating 5, it is still normal damage, so he now calls “7 Normal!”

Note that like spells, alchemy, and every other call, you can never fake your weapon calls. You cannot swing your dagger in the air and call out “15 Magic” when in reality all it can do is “1 Normal.”