Daily, Meditatable

This skill enables the character to do one powerful attack of damage from behind to one opponent once per day for each time the skill is bought. If used with a ranged weapon, the Assassinate may be used from any direction. This skill may be used with any weapon for which the character has the appropriate weapon skill. An Assassinate does 25 points of damage that can only be increased with purchases of the Improved Assassinate skill.

You may call any applicable carrier with this skill (e.g. Magic, Flame, Silver). The Assassinate applies to only one blow, landed or not. Any defense against a weapon swing (such as Weapon Shield, Parry, Riposte, or Dodge) protects against and expends an Assassinate.

''Example: Ena has purchased one Assassinate each day. She sneaks up behind an enemy with her trusty old dagger and swings at its back, calling “25 Normal!” If she misses, the skill is used up, but she may then Meditate it back later.