Casting Spells

To cast a spell, the caster must have a spell packet in hand. The hand and arm with the spell packet in it must be “free.” Hands that are holding something else, are broken, or are tied or bound either physically or with a binding spell are not “free.”

The caster must then correctly recite the spell incant, a short phrase associated with the spell. Each spell’s incant includes the appropriate damage amount (if applicable), the effect group, and the spell name. This must be spoken loud enough to be heard by the intended target. Within two seconds after finishing the verbal, the caster must then throw the packet, trying to hit the target or the target’s direct possessions, including cloaks, shields, weapons, pouches, or a carried object.

You must finish the verbal completely before throwing the packet, otherwise the spell is blown. This goes for any thrown packet whether it’s representing a monster’s innate ability or an incanted spell.

The spell incant is spoken in plain English. In-game, these words are understood by anyone, but have a magical effect associated with them that makes them different from normal speech. Even though you can speak the language, you cannot fake a spell incantation or otherwise bluff the casting of a spell. You also cannot start the incantation to a spell you do not have memorized.

Spellcasters lose the power to cast a spell as soon as the incantation has begun. You cannot start the incantation for a spell, change your mind, and then still have that spell. Any time you start an incant and do not finish it, or make a mistake when speaking the incant, the spell is lost. It can be Meditated back, however (see the “Skill System” section for details). Similarly, if a spell packet is thrown at a target and misses, the caster may Meditate the spell back. Note that a spell which triggered a defense (even those such as Dodge which represents the spell missing in game) may not be Meditated back.

A spellcaster can continue casting spells even while being hit and taking damage. That’s why it is often a wise idea in any battle to take out or Silence the spellcasters first!