Effect groups are important because certain defenses can block any effect from its related group. For example, a Resist Command can block any effect from the Command group, whereas a Resist Curse couldn’t be used against Command effects (but would work against Curse effects).

A Purify will remove all harmful effects upon the target from the Alteration, Binding, Command, Curse, and Necromancy Effect Groups. It will also remove any Stun Limb effects. It does not cure damage caused by any of these effects.

A Dispel will remove all effects, even beneficial ones, except those in the Greater Command group and the effects Circle of Power and Ward.

Many Effect Groups contain a way to “cure” other effects from that same Group. Antidote removes all effects from the Alteration group; similarly, Cleanse fixes all Curses, Release fixes all Bindings, and Awaken removes all Commands. Other effects need specific fixes—for example, a Corrupt can only be cured via a Life spell, while an Enslavement requires the Enslavement Antidote effect to remove.

Alteration Antidote, Enfeeble, Hallucinate, Intoxicate, Paranoia
Binding Slow, Pin, Shackle, Release, Web
Coating Alchemical Solvent, Liquid Light, Vorpal Coating, Oil of Slipperiness, Paste of Stickiness
Command Awaken, Berserk, Charm, Fear, Shun, Sleep
Curse Destruction, Paralysis, Silence, Weakness, Cleanse, Doom
Eldritch Force Banish, Circle of Power, Fortress, Lesser Investment, Light, Prison, Solidify, Subjugate, Wall of Force, Ward, Wizard Lock, Disarm, Shatter, Mend Armor, Mend Armor Storm, Repel, Stun Limb
Evocation Flame, Ice, Stone, Lightning, Magic, Magic Storm, Lesser Magic Storm
Greater Command Amnesia, Enslavement, Euphoria, Enslavement Antidote, Euphoria Antidote
Earth Cure Disease, Earth Blade, Healing, Life, Purify, Restore, Sanctuary, Turn Undead, Destroy Undead, Earth Storm, Lesser Earth Storm
Necromancy Corrupt, Chaos, Chaos Blade, Control Undead, Create Undead, Desecrate, Disease, Drain, Wither, Chaos Storm, Lesser Chaos Storm
Protection/Enhancement Dispel, Elemental Shield, Enhanced Blade, Endow, Weapon Shield, Poison Shield, Reflect Spell, Spell Shield
Other Body, Explosive, Massive, Mechanical, Normal, Silver