Infraction warnings may be given by a marshal when a dangerous situation is observed.

Warnings are given to inform players of their actions in an effort to improve a player’s attention to becoming a safer and better player. They are not given to humiliate or embarrass a player but merely to make everyone more aware of the requirements of the game.

Infractions are classified into Combat Infractions and Role-playing Infractions. There are two specific types of Combat Infractions: Dangerous Combat Infractions and Illegal Combat Infractions. These may also be seen as forms of cheating, especially if they reoccur. Even individually, they may be considered as grounds for disciplinary action.

This list shows examples and is not all-inclusive.

Dangerous Combat Infractions
A Dangerous Combat Infraction is anything that results or could result in an injury to a player.
Dangerous Combat Infractions include:

  • Throwing packets too hard in such a way as to result in personal injury
  • Charging
  • Shield bashing
  • Use of a weapon that has not been safety checked
  • Use of packets that are too large or filled with illegal packet materials
  • Dangerous acrobatics which may harm others (sliding, rolling towards players, not paying attention to others around you)
  • Hitting too hard with a weapon
  • Striking opponents at full combat speed and strength while they are known to be incapacitated (webbed, paralyzed, etc.)
  • Repeated or deliberate striking of illegal areas (head, hands, groin)
  • Throwing items in anger
  • Screaming at other players, intimidating or dangerous behavior

Illegal Combat Infractions
Illegal Combat Infractions are behaviors and habits that are explicitly indicated as incorrect in the Rule Book, but typically are not performed intentionally. They do not cause a risk of injury, but are mistakes that can affect the game significantly. Examples include:

  • Failure to finish an incant before releasing a packet
  • Failure to call damage clearly
  • Failure to use a 45 degree arc when swinging, or swinging too quickly (machine gunning)
  • Failure to call off defenses within the designated time
  • Not taking attacks, or failing to properly take effects
  • Casting scrolls, using potions, or otherwise using items for which you have no tag and/or no physical representation
  • Using scrolls incorrectly, with or without proper light

Role-playing Infractions
Role-playing Infractions are not as common as Combat Infractions, and only apply when there are blatant violations which harm the atmosphere of the game to such a degree that you are ruining the fun of other players.
Examples include:

  • Talking loudly about OOG things in an IG area
  • Smoking in a prohibited area
  • Not wearing the appropriate costume (for example, wearing jeans and tennis shoes)
  • Refusing to role-play effects upon you (for example, walking away yawning while under the effect of a Fear)
  • Role-playing your race incorrectly or not wearing the required racial makeup and/or costume

We’re not here to be your drama coaches and you will not be punished for “bad acting.” The purpose of this is to ensure that you show respect to your fellow players and not destroy their game enjoyment.