Archery attacks are represented with packets. When using a Bow or Crossbow, the weapon must be pointed in the direction of the intended target. The packet must be touched to the Bow or Crossbow and then pulled away from the weapon toward the player’s body until it is thrown. The archer must finish the verbal before throwing the packet and must throw the packet immediately after finishing the verbal. Shields and Weapons will block an archery attack if the verbal does not include the Strike keyword.

Both Bows and Crossbows are considered Two-Handed Weapons when attacking (both hands must be free). Neither may be used for melee attacks.

The only items required to use the Archery skill are a physrep and packets. You may also wear a quiver, but this is not required.

Bows are made of a curved physrep and padded like a regular weapon. No string is attached. A Bow physrep is not required to have thrusting tips on its ends. The grip of the Bow must be in the Bow’s center and the Bow may only ever be used while holding the grip. The Bow can be used with one hand to block attacks.

Crossbows may be made of closed-cell foam only and have PVC or other approved cores. Crossbow limbs may not have a core, only the stock/barrel. No string is attached. A Crossbow cannot be used for blocking. It is considered a 2-handed weapon for attacking purposes; in other words, both hands and both arms must be utilized to use a crossbow. In our game, the crossbow is meant to be a lighter, more portable counterpart to the bow.