Higher Manifestation

Passive. A character with this High Magic may Channel a specific Channeling element valid for their Channeling pool without using a Source in that hand. Only elements appropriate to the High Magic school may be chosen; i.e. you need Earth High Magic points to use Higher Manifestation for an Earth Channeling pool.

This means that the character may Channel while holding an object (such as a weapon or shield) in their off hand. The hand selected to use Higher Manifestation must be marked with a symbol at least 1" x 1" on the back of the hand or a glove worn on that hand. This ability may be purchased multiple times to allow for multiple elements.

Higher Manifestation may not be used to evoke Channeling pool in conjunction with a Source; if a Source is used, only elements appropriate to that Source may be manifested.

While it lasts, this High Magic may be invoked every time the character Channels at the character’s choice. A character need not have any Source on their person to Channel while using this ability.