Engulf: Some monsters have the ability to engulf or absorb an unconscious character in preparation of digesting them. The target will immediately go to the Dead status as though they had been damaged below 0 Body Points and their Bleeding Out timer had expired. The creature will have to be slain in order to recover the body so that it may be given a Life spell. If you are engulfed by such a monster, you must walk around with the creature out-of-game until you are beyond the help of a Life spell. You may then proceed to the resurrect point.

In order to save someone who has been Engulfed, you must give a Killing Blow to the creature and then afterward cut open the creature with a three count. If the Engulfed victim has already gone to resurrect, his or her items will be recoverable at this time.

A creature with this ability may engulf anyone that is asleep, unconscious, dead, webbed, paralyzed, or otherwise helpless on a three count of “I engulf you one, I engulf you two, I engulf you three.”

The creature may also engulf a victim that it has Prisoned with a three count of “I engulf you one, I engulf you two, I engulf you three, prison down.”

The victim must immediately begin their five-minute Death Countdown once Engulfed. If the victim was already dead, they must continue their death count from the same point it was already at; in other words, the Engulf does not reset the five-minute Death Countdown.