Spell Shield

Spell (Celestial and Earth 5), Potion, Scroll

Protection/Enhancement; 5 days
This spell will cancel the next effect delivered with the Spell qualifier cast at the recipient, including beneficial spells, after which it is used up. It does not protect the recipient from the Magic damage effect or any other qualifier such as the Weapon qualifier.

Example: Finther is hit by Vorin who is using a magical weapon. “4 Magic” says Vorin. Finther’s Spell Shield will not protect him from this blow, and he will take the damage.

You must say “Spell Shield” immediately when this spell is used.

Spell Shield cannot be used in conjunction with a Reflect Spell.

If you have a Spell Shield active, you may still accept spells that are touch-cast. You cannot “accept” spells that are thrown at you, nor can you accept spells when you are unconscious.

Example: Terin is lying unconscious on the field of battle. Darlissa runs over and throws a healing spell at him, which hits. “Spell Shield” says Terin, thus letting Darlissa know the spell did not heal him.
“I Protect you with a Spell Shield.”