Killing Blows

There are many ways in our game to render an opponent completely helpless. These include effects like Web and Paralysis, tying them up physically (thus making them immobile from the neck down), or just hitting them until they drop unconscious. Once a person has been incapacitated, it is not too difficult to kill them. This is represented by a Killing Blow.

To give a Killing Blow, you must stand over the victim, placing your weapon on their torso, and remain that way while you recite “Killing blow one; killing blow two; killing blow three.” This should be done in a normal speaking style and should take at least three seconds. This is to allow others to try to stop you from giving the Killing Blow. If anyone makes contact with your weapon during the count, or takes an action which causes you to expend a skill, then the Killing Blow is interrupted and fails to kill the intended victim. Some spell attacks will also prevent the Killing Blow from succeeding (those that would force the target to break weapon contact or render the attacker unable to continue the Killing Blow).

A Killing Blow is considered a combat action and all applicable safety rules must be followed. A reasonable portion of the weapon being used must be presented as a valid target. If more than one person attempts to give a Killing Blow, it is the person who starts first who will get the “credit” for the kill. The second person cannot come along, say the Killing Blow faster, and then claim to be the victor. If you are given a Killing Blow by someone who was not aware that you had already been given one, do not say “no effect”—just remain silent.

A Killing Blow must be struck on the torso of the victim—an arm, leg, or shoulder is not sufficient. The blow can’t be struck on a moving target. For example, if you have Slept someone, you must wait for the body to come to rest before you can deliver the Killing Blow. A Killing Blow can be delivered by anyone, whether they have a weapon skill or not. If not using a weapon physrep, touch must be light and appropriate as per safety rules.

Some creatures are immune to normal weapons. To be effective, a Killing Blow must be applied with a weapon that can damage the creature. For example, if a creature is affected by Silver or Magic weapons but not Normal weapons, the Killing Blow must be applied with a Silvered or Magic weapon.When using such a weapon on such a creature, you must state the weapon type; for instance: “Killing blow one, killing blow two, killing blow three Silver.” Remember that monsters using Claws must always use their Carrier attacks; thus if a creature always swings for Healing it may only do Killing Blows with the Healing carrier unless it picks up a weapon to Killing Blow with.

A Killing Blow cannot be Dodged, Parried, or otherwise avoided through Game Abilities or spells. It will bypass all Dumb Defenses (see the Defensives section for details) such as Weapon Shield