A Parry allows the character to defend against any one Weapon qualifier attack, including arrows, bolts and thrown weapons. It may also be used against Poison qualifier attacks which use the Physical delivery (i.e. a weapon swing or ranged weapon attack). Using a Parry against a swing for Massive will not stop the character from taking damage. It cannot be used against traps (except for weapon traps) nor can it be used against a packet delivered attack except arrows and bolts.

Parry may be used with any weapon in which the user has the appropriate skill. It cannot be used with a crossbow, thrown weapon or shield. You may not use a Parry if you do not have a weapon in your hand or if your weapon is not free. A two handed weapon must be held in both hands to be able to use a Parry. A bow is considered a one handed weapon when using this skill.

You may only Parry a blow you could logically parry at the point where the strike is given. Your weapon must be able to reach the attacker’s weapon, otherwise the strike is too far away to parry. If you can actually interpose yourself between your mage and a fighter trying to Slay him or her, you may call a Parry and nullify the attacker’s blow. However, you cannot call a Parry while standing at the other end of the battle, nor can you parry a blow meant for someone else if you were at that time engaged in a fight with a third person. You also may not use a bow to Parry a blow intended for someone else at a distance.

You must say “Parry” when using this skill.

For example: Rendal is walking through town, sword in hand, when suddenly he is attacked by Vorin the Assassin who says “75 Normal!” Since Terin did not have a Weapon Shield spell on him, this amount would kill him, so he decides that this would be a good time to use his Parry. “Parry!” he announces, thus letting the assassin know the attack was unsuccessful.