Creating Alchemy

Characters with the Alchemy skill can use and create alchemical substances. Alchemy is a Production Skill (see the “Production Skills” section for details). In order to make an Alchemical substance, you must have a recipe book and the specific recipe for that substance. Recipes must be in a book similar to the type of book used by spellcasters and must abide by the same rules.

This book is an in-game item and can be stolen. If you lose your book, you lose all the formulas within. You will have to find someone with the recipes and recopy them into your book again before you can create any new alchemical substances. Note that unlike spell books, you do not have to pay game money to use a special ink to write the recipes into the book, although the person from whom you get the recipes may demand payment in-game.

Recipes are not specific to the form of the alchemy. In other words, if you learn the recipe for Weakness you can then make a Weakness gas, elixir, or coating.

It is impossible to determine the recipe for an alchemical substance by studying the substance. You cannot, for instance, alchemize a Paralysis elixir and determine the recipe.

It should also be noted that there are some alchemical substances which can never be made by characters. For instance, your character will never find a recipe book containing Enslavement or Euphoria. It is possible, however, to find unusual gas globes or elixirs which although they cannot be made by characters can still be used.

Example: Finther kills an alchemist and discovers a potion phys rep with a tag for a Euphoria contact gel and a Doom gas tag. These tags are all signed by a marshal and are labeled as “LCO” (Local Chapter Only). Finther can use these but cannot make new ones.