All scroll phys reps must be at least 16 square inches (for example, a scroll that is 2 inches tall by 8 inches long would be fine, which will give you five scrolls out of a standard piece of paper).

To use a scroll, you must pull out the scroll, hold it before you, have enough light to be able to read it, touch a spell packet to the scroll, actually read the scroll out loud, and then throw the packet.

If your scroll is attached to a weapon or shield, you may not be swinging it while reading the scroll.

The entire scroll must be visible for it to be used. You cannot write the incant in very small letters in the top left corner and then hold a bunch of scrolls like a hand of playing cards with only the incant visible; nor can you overlap the scrolls and attach them to the back of your shield, fitting twelve scrolls in an area that should only fit four.

After the scroll is used, the tag is removed but the paper remains. The magical writing is inert although anyone with Educated can tell what spell used to be on the scroll.

You must have an actual scroll phys rep for each scroll tag.

Note that scrolls can only be used by someone with the Read Magic skill. A character may activate a scroll no higher than 4 levels above their highest level Celestial Spell Slot; if they only have Read Magic they can read up to 4th level scrolls.