Weapon Proficiency


This allows the character to do a constant extra point of damage with one weapon for each time this skill is purchased. If using a two-handed weapon, an additional point of damage is added for every 2 Weapon Proficiencies purchased. This includes polearms, staffs, two handed blunt, two handed swords, bows, and crossbows.

Example: Ena has a Dagger and a Two-Handed Sword. She has learned the Weapon Proficiency skill twice. When she’s using the Dagger, she swings for “3 Normal;” Its base damage is 1, plus the two Weapon Proficiencies. When she’s using the Two-Handed Sword, she swings for “6 Normal;” Its base damage is 3, plus the two Weapon Proficiencies plus an extra point for using a two handed weapon with two Weapon Proficiencies.

A Weapon Proficiency works with any weapon with which the character has the appropriate weapon skill. When attacking with a proficiency, you should merely call out the extra point(s) of damage as regular damage. The skill can be bought multiple times and the effects are cumulative. Note that each purchase requires trading in a set amount of Critical Attacks; see the Critical Attack skill for details.