Spell (Celestial and Earth 3), Scroll

Eldritch Force; Instant
This spell will utterly destroy any object up to the size of a normal door, rendering it useless. It cannot be used to create a door-sized hole in an object larger than a door. Once destroyed, the phys rep will become unusable but not unrecognizable. A Shatter cast at a door will not totally destroy the door, but will damage it enough to allow passage through the door’s frame.

When targeting a possession (like a weapon, shield, or suit of armor), the item will be destroyed unless somehow indestructible or able to Resist the effect, for example, through the Strengthening Blacksmith ability. A suit of armor will still be reduced to 0 current Armor Points until refit even if it is not permanently destroyed. Note that a Shatter used against *any* type of Armor will reduce it to 0 Armor Points, even if the Armor Points come from Natural or Arcane Armor. These types of Armor may still be refit normally afterwards.

The spell will not work on a permanent magic item or a magically protected item such as a Wizard Locked door. Shattering a trapped item will set off and destroy the trap as well.

The target item must be named, and only the target item will be Shattered. Items that are contained within or attached will not be affected. If there are two or more items that fit the description of the incant, then a hand-held item will be affected before one simply carried on one’s person; thus if a monster throws a packet for “Elemental Shatter Weapon!” then a sword that is being actively used will be destroyed before a dagger strapped to the back. A shield is not considered a “weapon” for the purpose of Shatter.

If the item that is being carried is protected against this effect (such as by being strengthened or by being a magic weapon), then the spell is used up and will not affect another similar item in the possession of the target.
“With Eldritch Force I Shatter your <item>.”