Shields can be very useful in our game. A Physical delivery attack (like a sword swing, thrown weapon, or arrow packet) that lands on a shield will not count, but a Packet delivery attack generally will. Shields do not protect the owner from any kind of trap.

Shields are strictly for defense. They are not considered weapons in any way, and cannot be used offensively. You cannot use a shield for any weapon-based skill such as Parry or Intercept, nor will your shield be affected by a targeted effect which specifies a “weapon.” (In other words, “With Eldritch Force I Shatter your weapon” would have no effect on your shield; however, “With Eldritch Force I Shatter your shield” would work.)

Shields cannot be used with two-handed weapons. You may not wield a weapon with the hand or arm holding the shield.

Example: Ena has both the Style Master and Weapon Master skills, allowing her to use any weapon or shield combination other than ranged weapons. In a defensive line battle, she pulls out her trusty Long Sword and shield. During the fight she takes several blows on the shield from weapons with all sorts of calls like “10 Normal!” and “5 Poison Sleep!”, none of which affect her since she validly blocked them. At one point she blocks an arrow headed towards her friend, stopping it from inflicting harm. She’s in a little more trouble when an enemy spellcaster steps forward. He slings a powerful burst of Elemental energy at her, throwing a packet with the call “5 Elemental Flame!” When it hits her shield, the Flame damage washes past it (because it was a packet attack with the Elemental qualifier), damaging her armor.
A moment later the spellcaster’s henchman runs forward and swings at Ena’s shield with the call “5 Weapon Strike Normal!” This blow is skillfully aimed; due to the Strike keyword, even though she blocked the attack her foe was able to inflict injury. She takes another 5 damage to her armor and by now is wondering when her allies will help out!

A “buckler” shield (a small shield that is strapped onto the arm) must still follow all shield rules—in other words, you cannot have a buckler on your left arm and still hold anything in your left hand. Alliance provides no advantage to a “buckler” style shield for consistency with other shields.

Shields can be made of almost any strong material such as plastic, wood, and aluminum, or can be made out of light ridgid materials such as foam insulation. Safety is the prime consideration when constructing a shield. All edges of the shield must be padded with at least 1/2 inch thick pipe insulation. Bolts or protrusions are not allowed.

Shield Bashing is the intentional use of a shield to gain physical out-of-game advantage over an opponent. This might include physically pushing or striking an opponent with a shield, or intentionally trapping a weapon under a shield so that it cannot be safely pulled back to swing again. Shield Bashing is a serious violation of the safety rules—it is similar to Charging. The potential for injury is great. Excessive use of Shield Bashing will result in warnings and possible loss of the Shield skill.