Spell Qualifier

Effects delivered this way are blocked by any defense specific to the Spell qualifier; for example, Spell Shield, Resist Spell, or Reflect Spell. Any spell cast with an incant uses the Spell qualifier, even if it is not explicitly specified. Many magic items can be activated to produce a spell-like effect. Weapons may be swung with this qualifier as well via certain magical means. Any ingested Earth potions are delivered with the Spell qualifier.

Poison Qualifier

This qualifier represents both virulent poisons and helpful antitoxins. These are often delivered by alchemical substances such as gas packets, elixirs, contact poisons, and weapon coatings, or through monster abilities with the word “Poison” in the verbal. Any ingested Alchemy is delivered with the Poison qualifier automatically.

Elemental Qualifier

These attacks are pulled forth from the primordial elements, producing a blast of pure elemental power much more raw than what a mage might invoke with a proper spell.

Arcane Qualifier

The Arcane qualifier represents the pinnacle of magical might upon Fortannis, avoiding the majority of defensive abilities. There are no protective spells that work against the Arcane qualifier; the target must hope they have a defense against the specific effect or its Effect Group or some way to avoid the attack entirely like a Dodge.

Weapon Qualifier

This is the most common form of attack, representing the solid impact of a club or the sharp point of a monster’s claw. When making a Weapon attack with a number, you can omit the “Weapon” Qualifier itself in the call. If you are making a Weapon attack without a number, or if you are using the Strike keyword, you must still include “Weapon” as part of the call to make it clear which Qualifier is being used.

Example: Darlissa is wandering through the woods when a strange monster jumps out at her and throws a packet at her shield, calling “I curse you with Doom!” Since this attack was made via the Packet delivery, it takes effect even though she blocked it with her shield. The spell incant means that this attack was made with the Spell qualifier. She knows that her Spell Shield will protect against any attack with the Spell qualifier, so she says “Spell Shield!” and responds by swinging her sword at the monster, using her martial skill to strike at the creature’s muscles with the call “Weapon Strike Weakness!” The monster growls, but its blows will now be less effective for 5 minutes. Darlissa follows up on her advantage by using a magic item in her possession, calling “Activate Spell Web!” and throwing another packet at the monster. Her opponent howls in dismay, unable to break free from the magics now surrounding it. She starts hacking away at the monster, swinging “4 Normal!” and striking it again and again until it falls. Darlissa did not need to call the “Weapon” qualifier explicitly with her “4 Normal” swings, since she included a damage number and was not using the Strike keyword. She did need to state the Weapon qualifier explicitly when using the “Weapon Strike Weakness;” if the monster had any defenses against Weapon attacks, it needed to know that it could use them.