The racial ability Claws also qualifies for any skill requiring a Weapon Skill.

The list of Weapon Skills chart:

WEAPON SKILLSFighterScoutRogueAdeptScholarSpellswordArtisanPREREQUISITE
Archery  66681288none
Florentine  4666866none
One Handed Blunt  3445655none
One Handed Edged  55571077none
One Handed Weapon Master  78810141010none
Polearm  8121212161212none
Shield  6101010121010none
Small Weapon  2222222none
Staff  4444444none
Style Master  10151515201515none
Thrown Weapon  2444444none
Two Handed Blunt  68881288none
Two Handed Sword  8121212161212none
Two Handed Weapon Master  10161616201616none
Two Weapons  2444444Florentine
Weapon Master  15202020252020none