Greater Command; Indefinite
The victim of this effect is enslaved to the person administering the effect and obeys absolutely any and all commands given by the person to whom they are enslaved. If administered by a poison, the victim will be enslaved to whoever did the poisoning, even if that person is not in view at the time.

The victim will even commit suicide, cast necromancy, or otherwise act out of character in pursuit of the commands. An enslaved person will never attack the person who enslaved them unless ordered by the enslaver to do so.

If enslaved and given an order through a Charm, or through any other effect which contradicts an order given by the enslaver, the Enslavement will always take precedence. If there is no conflict then the enslaved victim must still obey all rules of other controlling magics. The most recent Enslavement effect takes precedence if there is a conflict.You cannot be enslaved to ignore other effects; in other words, the enslaver cannot order you to never be affected by Fears or Charms or Intoxicates or any other effect that would normally affect you. The victim continues to obey the commands until cured. Enslavement can only be removed by the specific antidote or through resurrection.

Characters cured of Enslavement will remember having been enslaved. This does not override any applicable Amnesia effects.