Greater Command; Indefinite
This elixir is highly addictive. It gives the victim a feeling of euphoria that lasts about an hour. Any time the addicted character does not get one dose of Euphoria in a 24 hour period, one Body Point is temporarily deducted from that character’s maximum Body Points.

The 24 hour period is calculated from the time of the initial ingestion of the Euphoria elixir.

This maximum Body Point deduction cannot be cured as long as the person is still under the effects of the drug. The cumulative maximum Body point deduction damage will not take place between events or at events not attended. A victim who reaches -1 Body Points will die, needing a resurrection (a Life spell will not work, as their maximum Body Point total is still -1).

The grip of Euphoria can only be broken if the character is given the specific antidote, or by resurrection. Receiving the antidote will allow for healing up to the victim’s maximum amount of Body Points before the Euphoria.