Spell (Earth 3)

Necromancy; Concentration / 10 Minutes
This spell will remain in effect as long as the subject’s hands are crossed over the chest and no body damage is taken, or ten minutes, whichever is shorter. The recipient is protected against all Weapon qualifier attacks from living creatures, including arrows and bolts. It does not protect against a weapon swing with another qualifier.

You cannot run while affected by a Desecrate. You can not do anything that requires the use of your hands, such as cast spells, use weapons, use poisons, feed someone a potion, or pick up items. The only exception to this is touch-casting on yourself or activating a magic item.

You can be fed a potion and you can continue to hold things that were in your hands at the time the Desecrate began.
“With Necromancy I Desecrate you.”