Some abilities require Focusing for a specified amount of time. You must roleplay appropriately for the ability; for example, refitting another player’s armor might involve inspecting the armor and roleplaying adjusting its fit, while roleplaying Meditation might involve studying a spell book and conversing with other players about the mechanics of certain magics. During this time you may move as is reasonable for the roleplay, but no further. This means that while Ritual Casting you should stay within the Circle of Power you’re casting in; similarly, while performing First Aid, you can walk around the body of your target but may not leave it. A character may not move faster than a walk during their Focus period. Please keep good sportsmanship in mind while selecting how to roleplay your Focusing. There are several ways that a character’s Focus may be interrupted. These include:

  • The character uses a Skill or Game Ability (other than Educated) which is not required for the ability they’re Focusing on.
  • The character breaks a physical requirement of the ability (such as lowering one’s arms during a Sanctuary spell or moving away from a First Aid target) or moves faster than walking speed.
  • The character loses the ability to use Game Abilities (for example, they are hit by a Drain spell).

Note that individual abilities may have additional requirements, while some may have exemptions to the above conditions (for example you can self-cast while under a Sanctuary).