Spell (Earth 1), Potion

Protection/Enhancement; 5 days
An Endow will allow a recipient to perform feats of incredible strength for a limited amount of time. One example is quickly dragging an unconscious or debilitated creature for five seconds without having to literally perform the task out of game, no matter how large the creature compared to the person with the Endow. The spell can be also be used to perform a single limited role-playing act of great strength. Whenever using an Endow, a character must state “Endow.” This is an out-of-game statement and may be used while under the effects of Silence.

Endow does not allow you to break a lock or other item, throw creatures, break down doors, or jump long distances. It will not allow you to otherwise harm creatures that are normally immune to you.
“I Protect you with an Endow.”