Effects Chart

  The following charts show all of the effects, organized by group, along with the incant (if the effect is a spell), whether it is Celestial (C) or Earth (E), can be made into alchemy (A) or a trap (T). Next is the spell level, what can be made from the effect, its duration, and what can remove it.

EffectIncantTypeSpellProductionDurationRemoved by
Intoxicate A Elixir5 MinutesAntidote, Purify, Dispel
Hallucinate A Contact, Elixir, Globe5 MinutesAntidote, Purify, Dispel
Paranoia A Contact, Elixir, Glove5 MinutesAntidote, Purify, Dispel
Enfeeble A Contact, Elixir, Glove5 MinutesAntidote, Purify, Dispel
Antidote A ElixirInstantN/A
BINDING: With Binding Force I...
SlowSlow youC/E/T1Scroll, Globe5 MinutesRelease, Purify, Dispel
PinPin youC/E2ScrollLine of SightRelease, Purify, Dispel
ShackleShackle youC/E3ScrollLine of SightRelease, Purify, Dispel
WebWeb youC/E7ScrollLine of SightRelease, Purify, Dispel
COMMAND: I Command you to ...
ShunShun meC/E4Scroll5 MinutesAwaken, Purify, Dispel, Break Command
SleepSleepC/E/A6Potion, Scroll, Contact, Elixir, Glove5 Minutes Awaken, Purify, Dispel, Break Command
Charmbe CharmedC/E/A7Potion, Scroll, Contact, Elixir, Globe10 MinutesAwaken, Purify, Dispel, Break Command
AwakenI Awaken you from commandsC/E4Potion, ScrollInstantN/A
Fear N/A Line of SightAwaken, Purify, Dispel, Break Command
Berserk A Contact, Elixir, Globe5 MinutesAwaken, Purify, Dispel, Break Command
CURSE: I Curse you with ...
WeaknessWeaknessE/A3Potion, Contact, Elixir, Globe5 MinutesCleanse, Purify, Dispel
SilenceSilenceE/T5Potion, Globe5 MinutesCleanse, Purify, DIspel
DestructionDestructionE7Potion5 MinutesCleanse, Purify, Dispel
ParalysisParalysisE/A8Potion, Contact, Elixir, Globe5 MinutesCleanse, Purify, Dispel
DoomDoomE9 InstantLife
CleanseI Cleanse you from CursesE/A4Potion, ElixirInstantN/A
ELDRITCH FORCE: With Eldritch Force I...
DisarmDisarm your <item>C/E1Scroll5 SecondsN/A
Fortressbuild a FortressC1 10 MinutesDispel, Body Damage
Lesser Investmentbuild a Lesser InvestmentC1ScrollInstantN/A
Lightbuild a LightC1Scroll5 DaysDispel
Mend ArmorMend 20 ArmorC2 InstantN/A
RepelRepel youC/E2ScrollConcentrationDispel
ShatterShatter your <item>C/E/T3ScrollInstantN/A
SolidifySolidify youC3 5 SecondsN/A
Wall of Forcebuild a Wall of ForceC3Scroll10 MinutesDispel
BanishBanish youC4 InstantN/A
SubjugateSubjugate youC5 10 MinutesDispel
Mend Armor Stormbuild a Mend Armor StormC6 StormDispel
Wizard Lockbuild a Wizard LockC6Scroll5 DaysDispel
Stun LimbStun your <limb>C7 5 MinutesPurify, Dispel
Circle of Powerbuild a Circle of PowerC/E9 1 HourN/A
PrisonPrison youC9 10 MinutesDispel
Wardbuild a WardC9 5 DaysN/A
EVOCATION: I Evoke a ...
Evocation Bolt<Number><Element> BoltC1-9ScrollInstantN/A
Lesser Magic StormLesser Magic StormC5 StormDispel
Magic StormMagic StormC9 StormDispel
EARTH: I cann upon Earth to ...
Cure Woundsgrant <Number> HealingE1-9PotionInstantN/A
Turn UndeadTurn UndeadE1 5 MinutesDispel, Drain
Sanctuarygrant you SanctuaryE3 10 MinutesDispel, Body Damage
Cure DiseaseCure DiseaseE4PotionInstant / 5 MinutesDisease
Lesser Earth Stormgrant a Lesser Earth StormE5 StormDispel
Earth Bladegrant an Earth BladeE6 10 MinutesDispel
RestoreRestore youE6PotionInstant / 5 MinutesWither
Destroy UndeadDestroy UndeadE7 InstantN/A
PurifyPurify youE8PotionInstant / 5 MinutesDrain
Earth Stormgrant an Earth StormE9 StormDispel
Lifegrant you lifeE9 InstantN/A
Amnesia A ElixirInstantPurify or Dispel within 10 minutes
Enslavement N/A PermanentEnslavement Antidote
Euphoria N/A PermanentEuphoria Antidote
Enslavement Antidote A ElixirInstantN/A
Euphoria Antidote A ElixirInstantN/A
NECROMANCY: With Necromancy I...
Cause Woundscreate <Number> ChaosE1-9PotionInstantN/A
Control UndeadControl UndeadE1 10 MinutesDispel
DescerateDescerate youE3 10 MinutesDispel, Body Damage
DiseaseDisease youE4Potion5 MinutesPurify, Dispel, Cure Disease
Lesser Chaos Stormcreate a Lesser Chaos StormE5 StormDispel
Chaos Bladecreate a Chaos BladeE6 10 MinutesDispel
WitherWither YouE6Potion5 MinutesPurify, Dispel, Restore
Create UndeadCreate UndeadE7 10 MinutesLife
DrainDrain youE8Potion5 MinutesPurify,Dispel
Chaos Stormcreate a Chaos StormE9 StormDispel
CorruptCorrupt youE9 10 MinutesLife
Endowan EndowE1Potion5 DaysDispel
Weapon Shielda Weapon ShieldC/E2Potion, Scroll5 DaysDispel
Enhanced Bladean Enhanced BladeC4 10 MinutesDispel
Poison Shielda Poison ShieldE/A4Potion, Elixir5 DaysDispel
Spell Shielda Spell ShieldC/E5Potion, Scroll5 DaysDispel
Elemental Shieldan Elemental ShieldC/E6Potion, Scroll5 DaysDispel
Dispela DispelC8ScrollInstantN/A
Reflect Spella Reflect SpellC/E8Potion, Scroll5 DaysDispel