Learning Skills

When your character first comes into game, they can use their starting Experience Points to buy whatever skills they want. As your character gains more XP over time, they may continue to purchase skills that they are interested in. We strongly encourage characters to find others in game with those skills to learn from; while that step is not required to purchase a skill, you may find other characters able to explain how to most effectively use it while adventuring in Fortannis. In-game teaching can prove rewarding to both the teacher and the student.

Note that many skills have prerequisites. These might be other skills (such as having a Weapon skill or the Claws skill to learn Back Attack) or a certain amount of Experience Points spent in an appropriate skill category. Some skills may have “either / or” prerequisites from multiple skill categories; the prerequisite must be fulfilled completely from one or the other category. You may not “combine” Experience Points from two different skill categories to satisfy these prerequisites.

For example, Rendal has spent 45 Experience Points in the Martial Skills category. He has purchased Intercept twice and Slay once. He may purchase another Intercept (which may be purchased once for every 10 XP spent in the Martial Skills category), but not another Slay (which may be purchased once for every 30 XP spent in the Martial Skills category).
His friend Ena has spent 35 Experience Points in Martial Skills and 25 Experience Points in Stealth Skills. Riposte requires 60 XP from either Martial Skills or Stealth Skills. She cannot purchase that skill as she does not have a full 60 spent in either Martial or Stealth Skills.

Weapon Proficiency and Backstab each have an additional prerequisite. These skills require another skill to be traded in when purchased.

For example, Ena has purchased six Back Attacks. She may trade two of them in to purchase her first Backstab (note that she must also pay the appropriate Experience Point cost for the Backstab itself; if she is a Rogue, she would pay 3 Experience Points in addition to trading in the Back Attacks).

These skills require additional trade-ins as you purchase them multiple times. To purchase a single Weapon Proficiency you must trade in two Critical Attacks. If you wish to learn Weapon Proficiency a second time, you must trade in three Critical Attacks. Similarly, a character’s third Backstab would require four Back Attacks to be traded in.