The Intercept skill allows a character to take the damage or effect of any effect that successfully resolves on a target within weapon range (or arm’s length if no weapon is held). Touch-cast effects may not be Intercepted. It may be used on packet or weapon delivered attacks (including weapon traps). It does not work against other traps or other types of deliveries.

When using this skill, you must call “Intercept” and clearly indicate which strike the skill was used against. It may be used once per Logistics period for each purchase.

You may only Intercept a blow that you could logically reach with your weapon or shield. You may not use a bow to intercept across the battlefield.

You may call an additional defense if appropriate after using an Intercept to take a blow meant for another.

Example: Rendal is fighting in the front line next to his Earth caster friend Darlissa. A strong weapon swing comes in from their foes, striking Darlissa for “20 Normal.” Rendal’s armor is in good shape, and he knows his friend has taken many attacks and the blow is likely to knock her unconscious, so Rendal uses his Intercept and points to the attacker, calling “Intercept” and taking the 20 points of damage. Darlissa smiles in thanks as they get back into the fight.