Storm: This effect type allows the caster to throw a number of packets as described in the specific effect. Unless otherwise specified, the caster may not move their feet during this time without breaking the effect. Each packet counts as its own effect for purposes of defensive abilities. In all other ways, these effects act as Concentration duration effects.

Note that a Storm spell can be cast/activated only on oneself and grants the target the ability to throw the packets. For example, someone with an activatable Magic Storm could activate the spell on themselves calling “Activate Spell Magic Storm!” and choose an element (such as Flame), after which they would throw 15 packets for “10 Spell Flame!” The Magic Storm spell itself is never thrown to be reflected, absorbed, etc., only the individual “10 Spell Flame!” packets are thrown.

While Storm spells may not be cast on other characters or Absorbed into rituals such as Spell Store, individual packets may be Absorbed if they exactly mimic an existing spell. For example, a Lesser Magic Storm packet for “10 Spell Flame” can be Absorbed into a Spell Store as a 2nd level spell, since it is exactly the same as a second level Evocation Bolt effect. However, a Mend Armor Storm packet for “10 Spell Mend Armor” cannot be Absorbed, since there is no existing spell effect that this duplicates (the 2nd level Mend Armor spell would be “20 Spell Mend Armor,” not 10).