Spell (Celestial 8), Scroll

  Protection/Enhancement; Instant
This effect will dispel all active effects on a given creature or object whatever the cause, whether beneficial or harmful. It will not remove Wards, Circles of Power, High Magic, or anything from the Greater Command effects group (Amnesia, Enslavement, or Euphoria) with the exception that it will remove the effect of Amnesia if administered within the first ten minutes.

Dispel will remove Wizard Locks, Wall of Force, and Prisons.

A Dispel thrown at a person will not remove effects on any items held by that person. Example: Belthivis is hit by a Dispel. All of his spell protectives are now gone. However, the Weakness Weapon Coating he has on his dagger is still active.

A Dispel thrown at a caster will not stop already existing effects of that caster’s spell. Example: Darlissa casts a Shun at a goblin. She is then hit with a Dispel. All active spells on her are now gone, but the Shun is still in effect.

A Dispel will stop any ongoing Storm effects on a target. For example: Vorin has 5 packets left from the Chaos Storm he cast earlier. He is hit by a Dispel, which causes his ongoing Chaos Storm to expire, and he loses the ability to throw the remaining packets.

Note that Dispel will still trigger appropriate defenses before affecting the target. Example: Belthevis has a Spell Shield currently active. When he is hit by a “Spell Dispel,” his Spell Shield stops it before it strips his other spells away.
“I Protect you with a Dispel.”