Stun Limb

Spell (Celestial 7)

Eldritch Force; Instant
This effect allows a character to disable an enemy’s limb through pure force. The limb should be specified with the effect and may be any of the following: right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. If a limb is not specified, the victim may choose which limb is affected (it must be a limb which is not otherwise affected by this effect at that time). Any limb specifically targeted which is already affected by a Stun Limb will simply have its ten minute timer reset.

If used on an NPC for which the creature being played does not have obvious arms or legs, the player playing the NPC should still be affected, representing the creature being affected in similar ways.

A Stunned limb may not be used to wield a weapon or manifest Game Abilities; the limb may also not be used for locomotion other than a crawl or the equivalent.

“With Eldritch Force I Stun your <limb>.”