Spell (Earth all levels), Potion, Elixir

Healing; Instant
The target will be affected for 5 points of Healing per spell level it is manifested from. This bypasses armor. When used on undead, it will damage them for the stated amount. It restores an unconscious or dying character to consciousness but does not resurrect a dead one.

When created as a potion, the Healing value will be set based on how many Production Points are used as if a spell of appropriate level were being cast. For example, a Cure Wounds potion created using 20 Production Points would cause the target to take “20 Spell Healing” when the potion is quaffed.

Note that this effect always manifests as Healing. A monster using an innate ability would never swing for “Cure Wounds”—instead, it would swing for “Healing.”
“I call upon Earth to grant <number> Healing.”