Spell (Celestial 9)

Eldritch Force; 10 Minutes
This spell seals the victim into a rigid, form-fitting and unbreakable barrier, trapping him or her within. The victim cannot move, speak, or perform any Game Abilities, including High Magic abilities.

It lasts for ten minutes, but may be dropped by the caster at any time if he or she touches the victim and states “Prison down.” This statement is out-of-game, and can be used even if the caster is Silenced or inside the Prison. Any observers who hear the statement are aware that the Prison was dropped, and might know who dropped it.

A Dispel will bring down the Prison, but will not dispel any other effects on the creature inside.

Any creature sealed within a Prison will call “No effect” to all effects (except Dispel and the Massive carrier), nor will they take any damage from physical attacks or traps. Healing Arts or First Aid will not work through a Prison. A creature within a Prison cannot be searched.

No Game Abilities, including High Magic abilities, may be used while under a Prison effect.

However, the Prison does not provide complete and absolute protection against harm. The victim will suffocate if placed underwater (assuming the victim needs to breathe to survive). The Prisoned creature may also be injured or slain from overwhelming damage such as falling from a great height, at the judgement of a Marshal or Plot member on the scene.

A gaze attack will still work provided the Prisoned creature’s eyes were open at the time the Prison was cast. A voice attack will also work through a Prison.

As with a Ward, no gasses other than air can get inside. The barrier is not a frictionless surface, and has as much friction as a normal creature.

A victim of the Prison is completely aware of his or her surroundings and unless unconscious or otherwise impaired will remember all that occurred while Prisoned.

Only the caster may deliver a Killing Blow to the recipient. The caster must say “Prison Down” after delivering a Killing Blow. (“Killing Blow one, Killing Blow two, Killing Blow three, Prison Down.”) If the Killing Blow fails (for example, the creature inside is immune to the caster’s attack), then the Prison will drop as soon as the Killing Blow is completed and the creature may then defend itself.

A Killing Blow delivered with the Massive carrier will still take a Prison down, whether it succeeds or not, and whether performed by the caster of the Prison or not.

For safety reasons, you are never allowed to lay the Prisoned victim on the ground, remove the Prison, and then beat the victim to -1 points.
“With Eldritch Force I Prison you.”