Elixir, Gas

Command; 5 Minutes
This effect drives the victim into an insane killing fury, causing them to attack all creatures in the vicinity—starting with the closest, whether friend or foe.

The victim must use basic weapon skills if they have them available (including shields, claws, and constant abilities such as Weapon Proficiency and Backstab). The player of a Berserked character may make an out-of-game choice whether they want their character to utilize and expend per-day abilities and equipment such as spells, Resists, Banes, alchemy globes, etc. Please note that this is an out-of-game choice for the player based on how they wish to utilize their character’s abilities and equipment; the character has no in-game options as to what they utilize. Characters are never forced to utilize necromancy spells or items unless the player chooses to have them to do, with full understanding that this may impact their character in-game.

Example: Brienne (playing her character Darlissa the healer) is struck by a Berserk. She considers the situation for a moment, and decides that (even knowing that many other characters will give in-game consequences for doing so) Darlissa would use necromancy while under the mind-controlling Berserk effect. She turns to the nearest target—her good friend Terin—and starts casting a barrage of Cause Wounds spells! Terin gasps, stunned, as he falls to the ground from this perversion of magical power.

A character must make a legitimate effort to attack the nearest target in some manner if they have any means to do so at their disposal (with the caveats above).

A person under the effects of a Berserk will not stop to give a Killing Blow or search a victim, but will immediately turn to find something else to attack once their current target falls or is no longer the closest target
Example: Ena is hit by a Berserk effect thrown by a monster. Ena uses her weapon to attack the nearest person. She is able to use her proficiencies, but Jill (the player of Ena) wants to make sure she can enjoy using Ena’s daily skills later on and makes the choice that Ena is so mindless that she cannot think to take advantage of any Critical Attacks, Slays, or other daily skills that she could use. She is hit by a troll for enough damage to take her down, but does not think to use her Parry against it.