Paste of Stickiness


Coating; 10 Minutes
When this contact gel is placed on an item no larger than a weapon, it causes anyone touching it for more than three seconds to become stuck to it for ten minutes.

This can be counteracted by an Oil of Slipperiness, an Alchemical Solvent, or a Release spell.

A Killing Blow will not remove this effect but a resurrection will.

If placed upon a weapon or item, this substance will resist one Disarm attack, after which it will be expended.

Example: Terin is getting ready to go into a battle, so he places a Paste of Stickiness on his weapon. This is represented by taking the tag and ripping off the “unused” flag. Terin runs into battle and is hit by a Disarm spell. “Resist,” he replies. The Paste of Stickiness is now used up, so the next Disarm spell will affect him as normal.

If used on a weapon and the weapon is destroyed or shattered, the holder will be stuck with the weapon’s pommel in his or her hand for the duration of the Paste of Stickiness and cannot hold anything else in that hand during that time. Out-of-game, you should drop your weapon phys rep but hold your hand in a fist for the remainder of the ten minutes, unable to hold anything else during that time.