Wall of Force

Spell (Celestial 3), Scroll

Eldritch Force; 10 Minutes
This spell creates a straight invisible barrier that will stretch no more than ten feet across and up to twenty-five feet up. This spell must be cast between two solid anchors such as trees or in a door-frame. The base of the Wall of Force must be marked in some way (such as by a rope, chalk mark, or ribbon) to indicate to all observers that a Wall of Force is in place. Multiple casters may invoke a Wall of Force simultaneously to extend its width; each caster grants up to ten feet of width.

Once the Wall of Force has been cast, the physical representation cannot be moved. Neither the Wall nor the frame may be Shattered. Normal traps will not affect it.

Nothing may pass though the Wall once the Wall is cast, including spells, thrown gasses, weapons and creatures. Air may pass through, but other gasses may not. A gaze attack can be effective through a Wall, as will a Voice Radius effect.

The wall will last for ten minutes, but may be dropped by any of the Wall’s casters at any time if he or she touches the phys rep and states “Wall down.” This statement is out-of-game, although any observers who hear the statement are aware that the wall was dropped, and they might know who dropped it.

When targetting this effect with a Dispel, any part of the plane of the Wall of Force can be struck.
“With Eldritch Force I build a Wall of Force.”